Music Therapy Information

The Clinical and Evidence-Based use of Music to Improve Functional, Therapeutic Goals 

Music Therapy

IMG_069.jpgMusic therapy is the clinical and evidence-based used of music to accomplish individualized, functional, non-musical goals within a therapeutic relationship by a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) who has completed a music therapy program approved by the American Music Therapy Association. 

Music therapy addresses the physical, cognitive, communication, social and emotional needs of individuals of all ages. It has been a formal profession since 1950.

For more information about music therapy, visit the American Music Therapy Association.

No Musical Experience Required

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Individuals do not need to have any prior musical abilities or experience in order to benefit from music therapy. All styles of music can be beneficial. The individual's preferences, circumstances and need for treatment, and their goals help to determine the types of music a music therapist may use.

Music therapy is process-oriented rather than performance-based, and individuals actively participate in musical interventions to achieve functional therapeutic outcomes. Interventions may include singing, playing a variety of instruments, dancing, movement, and others.

Neurologic Music Therapy

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is the therapeutic use of music to address the cognitive, speech/language, and sensorimotor function of individuals with neurological diseases or disorders. Treatment techniques are based on a neuroscience model and the influence of music on functional changes in the brain and behavior.  

For more information on Neurologic Music Therapy, visit the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy.

For more information on the science behind the music, see Music Therapy Science.

Cost-Effective and Reimbursable

Music therapy is cost-effective and reimbursable. See our Funding page for more information on the cost-effectiveness of music therapy, reimbursement and funding options.