Music Therapy is Cost-Effective and Reimbursable. Music Therapy Funding Sources in Colorado.

Music Therapy is

Investing in your child's therapy to help them achieve the best possible functioning level and quality of life is invaluableResearch demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of music therapy, showing that music therapy may increase white blood cell count which helps to fight disease, and medication and length of hospital stays are reduced.  In addition, research shows that music therapy optimizes the brain, causing more efficient and productive goal progress.  For more information, see Music Therapy Science.

Music Therapy is

Music therapy is recognized as a related service under the special education law IDEA as well as medical and other entities.  It is reimbursable through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance companies and other sources, although these vary from state to state.  Listed below are some of the most common funding sources for individuals with special needs in the state of Colorado.  We strive to make music therapy accessible for all families and we will partner with you by creating a customized plan and walking through the process with you every step of the way. 

Private Pay

Contact us for current rates.  Payment is due at the time of service.  We accept payments by cash, check, debit and credit.  Online payments are also accepted through PayPal on our Payment page.

Private Insurance

Music therapy is a reimbursable service when prescribed by a physician and deemed medically or behaviorally necessary through a music therapy assessment.  The American Music Therapy Association estimates that 20% of music therapists in the United States receive third party reimbursement.  Reimbursement typically occurs on a case-by-case basis.   

We are currently unable to accept private insurance, however, we are in the process of developing potential funding options through insurance.  Additionally, families may have the option to seek reimburesement themselves by submitting receipts to their insurance company.  Contact us for more information and assistance with private insurance reimbursement.

Medicaid CES Waiver

Music therapy is covered at no cost to families under the Medicaid CES (Children's Extensive Support) Waiver for children with developmental delays age birth through 17. This waiver is for children with significant developmental delays and high behavioral or medical needs requiring near 24 hour care. Services must be coordinated through The Resource Exchange CES program.

Medicaid SLS Waiver 

Music therapy is covered at no cost to families under the Medicaid SLS (Supported Living Services) Waiver for adults with developmental delays age 18 and older.  This waiver is for adults with significant developmental delays and high behavioral or medical needs requiring near 24 hour care. Services must be coordinated through The Resource Exchange SLS program.

Family Support Services Program

The Resource Exchange FSSP (Family Support Services Program) offers an array of supports for families with special needs.  Funding is limited and not guaranteed.  Families can apply each year for funding assistance.

Other Sources

Other funding sources may include foundations, scholarships and grants.  National and local disability foundations and societies may offer funding.  The list below is not exhaustive and families are also encouraged to seek additional funding sources.